“Toram Online [Let’s make the CRT magic ヽ ( ̄ ▽  ̄) ノ No.1]”

“Let’s make ○○ ヽ ( ̄ ▽  ̄) ノ” series

How many times have you already? 。 。 While I …

Every time you develop, your knowledge spreads!

Then! again!

Ashura Aura Handle CRT Demon

Let’s make ヽ ( ̄ ▽  ̄) ノ


It’s a pretty complicated mechanism

I want to applaud those who find this

(*’Ω’ ノ not ☆

I did it

Um (; ¬_¬)

In a rough image

Attack power is (1) Marshall Skill’s “Ashura Aura” 30%UP and critical rate up, (2) basic weapon ATK150%increase in “Destruction person” in crushers skills, (3) because it is a magic job, critical rate 400%(ideal 440%(ideal 440%) . It seems that you can get the demon’s attack power just by imagining.

And the defense power is up to 95 % of the final calculation damage value like a lie! I use the advantages of, but there are disadvantages, so I should be careful while being careful. If you think that within 2 meters of the range of the back of the back is the stage of the battle, there are not so many opportunities to be close to the enemy, so you will often be in the short range with the middle range.

Is it like that (; ¬_¬)? ? ?

Yokan who seems to be busy operations.

In order to make it a critical 440 %, the equipment and crysta need a considerable critical rate, but it does not mean that MATK is not served, so you have to think carefully and carefully select the equipment and crysta.

Nemesis is the main firepower skill, and the sub -firepower does not become stable by the boss opponent in Finau, so you have to find some firepower skills.

It looks amazing, but it seems that there are many unique problems.


I have to make it (; ´∀ `)


Then! Only the basic knowledge is organized first.

However, in the implementation of Ashura Aura,

Ashura aura




Uzuzu (-_-;)

Currently, AmazonPrimetV is a free broadcast, and the story of Shosuke Higashi in Part 4 has been completed, and Dio’s son has begun watching the 5th part of the leading role.

Furthermore, Gundam, which is unusual with handle equipment

God Gundam with cheat performance (*´ ー `*)

The secret theme common to Gundam works is “criticism of war”. From the perspective of Tomino, is the depiction of beautifying the battle a failure?

🔴 Ashura Aura (Maseruskil) Consumption MP0

Release the star platinum of Jotaro Sorajo in the hidden inside. The World, who stops the time, should acquire the stunning of Marshall Skill.

“In the effect, the attack power increases, and if it is damaged, MP is consumed to reduce the damage. Instead, the attack MP recovery is lost and the MP consumption increases.”

Management (´ ・ ∀ ・ `) What are the hints of the real performance? And it is a hat to those who have revealed the secrets of this performance.


🌏 Start skills by activating Ashuraa aura. The effect ends when Ashura aura is activated.

🌏 What skills used in Ashura aura? Only attack skills? Only an attack that could not be defeated by the attack skill? The count is increased by one for the consumed MP100. (Unknown because this is not a character yet)

🌏 If the count just below Ashura Aura icon exceeds 20 or more, it will be damaged each time the count is increased. If the count is 40 or more, it will die immediately.

🌏 CRT rate +75 during Ashura aura.

🌏 All attacks in Ashura Aura are+30 % up

🌏 If you attack a normal attack, the pursuit will start, and the pursuit will not end until you move outside the range or activate another skill. The range of the back is 2 meters.

🌏 The power does not decrease because the pursuit does not get used to it.

🌏 Nemesis buff accumulates one each time.

🌏 If you cancel the Ashura aura and attack, the value of the count of the count × 100 in the MP used in Ashura aura will return in the form of “attack MP recovery”. Attack at this time also has a pursuit, but it is not CRT+75 because it is not under the Ashura aura effect. Well, I am satisfied with MP recovery.

🌏 Damage reduction in Ashura aura is reduced by 5 % for the remaining MP100, reduced by 10 % for the remaining MP200, reduced by 50 % for the remaining MP1000, reduced 90 % for the remaining MP1800, reduced 95 % for the remaining MP1900, and 95 % in the remaining MP2000. Reduction. The maximum reduction is up to 95 %. MP100 consumption occurs every time the attack is caused by the attack.

で す ね It’s a complicated skill, but is it suitable? I haven’t made a character yet, so I’m going to understand the text and videos of my own information. Create a character, use it and fix it if it is different.

🔴 Destruction person (Classic silver) consumption MP600


① It is not possible to incorporate it into a combo. (2) Skill “Respiratory method” will be triggered by half -consumption MP. Once a destructive person is activated, this effect lasts regardless of time as a passive effect. ③ Weapon ATK as a buff is not an increase, but the basic weapon ATK is “(5 × SLV)%” UP, so+50%for SLV10. Furthermore, since the basic weapon ATK rises, the subsequent calculation is added, and the weapon ATK+%as a buff will be added. ④Shisting rate is 10%, ⑤ Extremely resistant minus 100-5 × SLV)%, SLV10 is 50%.

🔴 Respiratory method (Classic silver) consumption MP300

A technique to quickly breathe. At the time of activation, HP recovery occurs when the next skill is activated immediately and the next skill is activated. The resilience of the breathing method will decrease for a while.

🔴 Conversion (Magic Blade Skill) Passive Skill

🔴 Priere (Pretty Skill) Consumption MP500

🔴 Nemesis (Pretty Skill) Consumption MP200

It deals physical damage and makes the target a divine punishment. In the divine punishment state, the stack will be accumulated, and when this skill is reconnected, a range magic attack will be added according to the accumulated number of stacks.

⬇️Tori -san’s Nemesis performance survey

🔴 Bushido (モ ノ ノ キ キ キ キ キ)) パ パ パ パ パ パ パ 🔴 🔴

For all weapons, maximum MP+100, maximum HP+100, hit +10.

→ Detailed information site to secure maximum MP

🌃 Basic CRT

[IOS version]

The initial value +25 is forcibly existed without allocating the status CRT. The value assigned to the status CRT ÷ 3.4 =+CRT.

For example, in the case of divisible CRT255

Initial 25+allocation 255 ÷ coefficient 3.4 = foundation CRT+100

✳️ Cut down decimal points.

Note [Android version]

It is the same as the above iOS version, but only one is drawn from the foundation CRT calculation result only when the assignment CRT is a multiple value of 17.

25+ 256 ÷ 3.4 = 100.29 (decimal discard) = foundation CRT +100

Nevertheless, on the status screen, the CRT value can only be divided up to 255, so there is no choice but to calculate one missing one. Android stops 99 % of the foundation CRT.

🔷 For example, the calculation of adding CRT+20 and CRT20 % in the buff of equipment at the time of the foundation CRT+60,

(Basic CRT60+buff CRT+20)+(foundation CRT60 x buff CRT20 %) = 80+12 = Final CRT92 %

🌃 Basic largest HP

🌃 Basic maximum MP

For example, if it is CRT255 & int364 with Lv240,

100+240+364 x 0.1+0 = Basic maximum MP374

✳️ The mp gauge is up to 20 gauge, 1 gauge = the last MP100. 20 gauge = last maximum MP2000.

🌃 CD (critical damage)

The initial value CD+150 is forcibly pierced.

Basic CD = 150 + str ÷ 5

For example, the STR250, the final CD rate when the buff of the equipment is CD + 20 and 20 %

150 + 250 ÷ 5 = Basic CD + 200

(200+20)+(200 x 20 %) = Final CD260 %

🌃 Basic ATK value [Calculation formula for handle]

= Character Lv + AGI × 2 + DEX × 0.5 + Weapon ATK value

🌃 Basic MATK value [Calculation formula for handle]

= Character Lv + INT x 4 + DEX + Weapon ATK x 0.5

🌃 Stability rate [Calculation formula for handle]

= Weapon stability % + DEX × 2.5 %

🌃 ASPD [Calculation formula dedicated to hand]

✳️ At the time of lightweight armor

* In the case of weight, the last x 1.5 changes to x 0.5.

🌃 cspd

Priority (1) Final CRT rate 440%or more, priority ② Stability 100%, priority ③MATK, ④ Int 🔷 Body: CRT (high difficulty quest Empress Drop) → CRT 100%, MP+1000, CD+1%, abnormal resistance +10 % → Stability rate+10%, abnormal resistance+5%, Pet EXP+15% weapon stability rate is+90%. 10 % of the stability of the stable rate during the activation of the destruction. +10%with a shining sea charm with special equipment. Muu -If you don’t look for skills, crysta, or fashionable equipment to increase the stability rate by 10 %, Crysta will not understand unless you make a list specialized for CRT and MATK, the 6th anniversary of the market. I don’t sell a weapon with both CRT, CD+and%in the congratulations Kao (.> Д <), so I want to make a Smith character and make it myself. But to make the ideal Smith character, spinners and time are enormous. Skill & status free reset did not come By the way, the damage with the first stage equipment is like this. From here, we will further increase the damage by reviewing the crysta and confirming the skill configuration. By the way, the impression of the first day is First of all, I’m sleepy. It’s 2 o’clock (.> Д <) I have to sleep! I’m glad it didn’t work hard ① Ashura aura activation (activated) ② Nemesis activation (activation of charge start) ③ In the normal number of attacks in 3-5 seconds, the charge of Nemesis is to MAX20. (Since the remaining MP at this stage is 90 %, the damage cut is 90 %, so it is safe to attack with confidence). ④ Various attack buff combo activates. ⑤ 〆 ​​Nemesis activates (until all bullets are fired, it will fire endlessly even if you leave the boss.) If you can’t beat it, ⑥ Ashura Aura (Ashura Charge 40 will die 카지노사이트 immediately, so depending on the value of the Ashura counter, skill is activated and once Ashuraaa is over).

⑦ Charging & Maximizer recover MP1700 if the sub weapon is a magic tool.


What I knew now was like this (*´ω `*)

I’m looking for the current drawbacks (; ´∀ `)

What’s wrong!

I’m sleepy today so far …

that? When I took a video

Activate the skill “Destroyer” …

I didn’t (´ ・ ∀ ・ `) y- ~~

I thought it was a passive skill

Is that the cause! ! !

After all, we have to do verification when brain miso is fine.

There are only various damage experiments.

Well, it’s fun.

Kakkakka ( ̄ ▽  ̄)


By the way

I have to think seriously!

Fufufufu (фωф)

Continuing, the Acula Handle CRT Makiga Making ヽ ( ̄ ▽  ̄) ノ No.2

Write in

Only a little bit first.

If you use the destroyer and Brave Aura, you will do damage to Silay!

Then, here is the No.2 article!


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