“This weekend, September 17th (Sat), a flea market will be held at Pachinko & Slot New Hira! ]

By the way, this weekend, September 17th (Sat), at the north parking lot of “Pachinko & Slot New Hara” in Kita Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, the 114th Super Flea Market IN Pachinko & Slot New Hira 9:00 in the morning. It 크레이지슬롯 will be held until time (^o^) / * Canceled in the rain.

All exhibitors are available, such as summer / autumn clothes, sundries, handmade works, antiques, pottery, toys, plants, etc., so please enjoy о (ж > ▽ ▽) y ☆

Store opening space: Car opening (sideways) Frontage 4.8 x 4m * Hiace class is 7.2m x 4m in front of a frontage: 1000 yen for general. Hiace class 1500 yen * Food and drink is 1500 yen * Food and drink is a copy of the permit of the public health center. If you cook, you need a commercial fire extinguisher and a bucket.

Opening reservations and inquiries are popular every day from 9:00 to 19:00 in the morning at 080-3064-0708 Watanabe (Watanabe).

Please apply at this opportunity о (ж > ▽ <) y ☆

“I can’t win the championship and lead to the next” ◆ American women’s professional golf [Video] Hinako Shibuno’s unique It was a disappointing last day of the world with two dowels in preparation gymnastics, and it was a frustrating last day of 4 over 4. The result was over. U.S. Women’s Tour, Amazing Cry Portland Classic last day (local time 18th), Furue was 13 under the top tie, and Shibuno was in Thailand 1 shot. Furue is a round of the second tour of the tour since 온라인바카라게임 사이트 the opening of the Trust Golf Scotch Women’s Open, and the Shibuno has been the second victory since the 2019 British Women’s Open. Although it is relatively flat, the US women’s tour competition at Colombia Edge Water CC, where high trees separate the hall, have changed in various ways, but the history is long. The Japanese players have won three people, Ayako Okamoto (1986), Ai Miyazato (2010), and Mika Miyuri (2012), and is a familiar course for Japanese old fans. The final set of Furue, both, started 13 under, the same as Andreal Lilia V (USA), who won the first championship. The par is stacked quietly in a calm condition. She takes the birdie firmly in No. 5 and No. 7 par 5 and goes to the Bardy battle. However, the 8th par 3 tea shot was caught in the pond and darkened. She managed to put her in a bogey, but the ninth was a bogey from the rough bunker edge. She retreats 13 under at the start. No. 10 was blown away in a heavy atmosphere. With 7W in the second shot of par 5, and carrying it to the color in front of the green, a vivid eagle is sinking 5.5 meters neatly with putter. Furue responded with her right hand to her applause, and the 11th was a birdie in total. She gets firmly in the championship battle for a melee battle. She sinked a 13 -meter difficult snake line on the 16th and took a birdie, but this was the end of her. She in the same hall, Lee, extended to 19 under and won the melee and won the championship. Furue, a total of 17 under, finished third in Thailand, less than 18 under the second place Daniela Dakua (Ecuador). “It was good to be able to go around with under (par) while I couldn’t play my own. I am frustrated that I can not win, but I think that will lead to the next.” Furue burns. The next battle is waiting.