Stewart’s “plan” to join Fukuoka Softbank. Draft overall 8th place → Entering → From there, from there … (Natsuki Une)

On May 25, Fukuoka Softbank Hawks announced a contract agreement with Carter Stewart. ESPN’s Jeff Passan reported a few days ago, in a six -year contract, a total of more than $ 7 million.

Stewart is a 19 -year -old right pitcher. In last year’s draft, Atlanta Braves was nominated for the eighth place. 바카라 This ranking is next to Ryan Weathers, which was nominated by San Diego Padres in 7th in high school pitchers. By the way, Weather’s father is David Weathers, who pitched 964 games in the major league.

In the nomination ranking up to the 10th draft, the subscription slot value is determined. The team does not necessarily have to follow it, but if the total amount of the contract paid to the players who join the team exceeds the amount (bonus pool) of the slot value in the nominated ranking of each player, the penalty will be subject to penalties. I will.

Last year, the 7th place slot value was $ 5,226,500, and the eighth place was $ 4987,000. Weatherers joined the padres with a contract fee according to the Slot Value. On the other hand, Stewart was only presented about $ 2 million, less than half the price from Braves. The failure history of the right wrist seems to have been regarded as a problem. Stewart went to Junior College.

Junior college is subject to this year’s draft. However, without waiting for the draft in June, Stewart decided to go to Japan.

Stewart’s nomination rank was expected to be lower than the previous year. Baseball America is ranked 38th in the top 500. In that case, the contract may be lower than the amount presented by Braves the previous year. This year, more than $ 4 million slot value is up to 14th. Less than $ 2 million after 37th place. Unless it is nominated in an unexpected high ranking, the amount obtained for six years (2019-24) has not reached $ 7 million.

Also, when the contract with Fukuoka Softbank ends in the fall of 2024, Stewart becomes FA. If you have a track record in Japan so far, you will be able to offer multiple years from the major league team. For example, Miles My Coras, which was thrown at the Yomiuri Giants in 2015-17, has a $ 15.5 million contract from St. Louis Cardinals. The contract that Yusei Kikuchi has assigned to Seattle Mariners is $ 56 million for four years. My chorus was 29 at the time of contract, and Kikuchi was 27 years old. Stewart turns 25 in November 2024.

This age is one year younger than Blythe Harper (Philadelphia Phillies) and Manny Machado (Padres) when he entered the FA market last off. Even these two are quite young, most players become FAs around 30 years old.

The 25 -year -old major debut is not too late. Of the four Sai Young pitchers in the past two years, Collie Cruber (Cleveland Indians) and Jacob Degrome (New York Mets) debuted at the age of 25.

The fastball of Stewart reaches 97 miles fast, and the curve exceeds 3000 revolutions/minutes. The other day, as I wrote in the longest in history, “39 pitching without a run” brought by a spinning curve, this is an elite -class spin.

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