“September first”

Well, I’m going after all.

Slot (laughs).

I returned from work yesterday and bought a boat race online while drinking at home.

I don’t hit a boat race from August.

It doesn’t mean it doesn’t hit at all.

Even if you hit it, a dividend of about 1,000 yen.

Moreover, it is a thorough 100 yen buying … I have to get a dividend called Manshu (laughs).

That’s why it’s a holiday today.

Moyamoya … And go to the slot!

Yes yes, after a long absence (laughs).

Did you arrive at the hall around 20:00?

The first one, the platform was thrown away in about 170 revolutions.

Turn until 209 revolutions.

The second, a table that was thrown away in a little 300 rotations.

Looking at the history … 700 rotation hook and big.

From there ~ Bake Festival (laughs).

Even so, all within 100 revolutions, 700 rotations from the big and 1 bake 4.

Since it became Unit 6, there are many such platforms.

And only for these platforms will fly 700 rotations again.

Don’t forget … 365 revolutions.

Life is one -two punch! (Old!)

It glowed! !

GOGO! Lamp I saw for about a month.

And reach eyes.

As a result big!

At this point, the investment amount is 4,000 yen.

And my occult.

A platform that does not glow with a 300 rotation stand and does not come up will be more addictive.

After that, it glows at 66 revolutions.


“Is it a bake festival again?”

Like (laughs).

There is no ranging chan after bake.

“I don’t have time, and if I drink all, let’s go home.”

“Wouldn’t it be nice if I lost 4,000 yen?”

If you hit while thinking about that.

It glowed on a 120 rotation stand.

“It 코인카지노 glowed in a good place”

Like (laughs).

And big.

“Ren Chang Mode Enter”

While hoping so … it does not light up until 109 revolutions, so it is a good idea.

Move for the time being.

I moved … I don’t have time.

Turn only one, and eventually return to the original stand.

As a matter of course, the medal is drunk easily.

Additional investment as usual.

“Let’s turn to 400 revolutions and go home”

Actually, the contents of the wallet are around 9,000 yen.

If you use it up all, ironically it will be about 400 rotations.

Yes, the usual pattern.

When you turn 400 rotations, you will run ATM.

I wonder if I will go 30 minutes before the store closes (laughs).

However, it glowed at 300 rotation platform, 365 rotations above.

As a result, the big triple from the big …

Well, if I was my previous self.

In the old -fashioned era, you will definitely turn 200 revolutions.

It was a mess because it did not light after 109 rotations.

After all, the cash is 12,000 yen for an investment of 8,000 yen.

I won 4,000 yen (laughs).

And it was a holiday today.

I want to go to see the table yesterday.

I started drinking at around 16:00.

I don’t go today.

I’ll work tomorrow.

Well, I wonder if the slot can be used for a lifetime like this.

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