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Records during pregnancy


brother. Where should we go on our prenatal trip?

I found that most of them are going to Guam.


Since it’s a prenatal trip, shall we go to a resort this time?

But can the resort can go to a baby?



I’m not bad.


Then shall we travel in our style until this time?

After having a baby, there will be no trip for several years.

I want to go to Hong Kong these days. I went before joining, but I think it was good. There are many delicious things.


Hong Kong? I’ve been to a short time before …

Can I walk a lot?

okay. Go to Hong Kong!

Until now, since the second anniversary of marriage, our couple have never been to a resort.

We like to see editing shops or small props shops, or to walk slowly in a complex city

When deciding on a destination, it seemed to have leaned into a city rather than a resort.

Even during my honeymoon, I seemed to like to go out and see rather than relax in the hotel pool.

In particular, my husband walks a lot from morning to night and looks curiously.

So we decided to go to Hong Kong and Macau without any time.

When I went on a prenatal trip, I was 26 weeks of pregnancy, so I was asleep.

Hong Kong was full of delicious food and the food was completely passed.

There were a lot of shops we were looking for, and young artists gathered together to make these products in their own style and sold them in a unique space.

In the harmony of high skyscrapers and old towns, the night view was reminiscent of a scene from the 90’s Hong Kong film.

However, it was a little unreasonable for pregnant women to walk from the morning to year.

So, during my trip to Hong Kong,

My husband said that I was a sickness, but as usual,

Even for pregnant women with good condition, it was a bit difficult to exercise over 20,000 trees a day.

So, a friend who is preparing for a prenatal trip said that there were reasons why people could go to Guam or Jeju Island on a prenatal trip.

If I went one more time, I told you that I would choose a resort.

I don’t think 샌즈카지노 much, but there may be some people who are worried about the prenatal trip to Hong Kong like our couple.


If you like gourmet, you are a perfect destination! Especially in Macau, you can enjoy the food of the Michelin restaurant at a relatively reasonable price. It is also perfect for people who like dim sum and Chinese food. A very good environment for one dim sum 1 a day. By the time the dim sum is tired, there are many delicious dishes, desserts, and coffee restaurants from all over the world.

But the price of eating felt expensive. Even if you don’t go to a high -end restaurant, you can realize higher prices than in Korea.

In particular, Hong Kong’s price ratio is just like that!

If you want to increase the quality in your accommodation and enjoy a hoccence, I would recommend staying in Macau.

Shopping & attraction

I didn’t go around for luxury shopping because I didn’t have a feeling, but there seems to be no price merit as before.

Instead, there was a big sale product in various editing shops in the large mall, so it was fun to see.

My husband and I went to PMQ, a space where artists gathered to run a studio and shop, for two consecutive days.

Originally, the space that was used as a police dormitory came in in the 2000s and renovated as an art center.

It is now operated as a “ㄷ” space with more than 130 design shops and workshops.

In addition to shops, pop -up exhibition spaces, festivals and events are always crowded.

In addition, we were able to take the Hong Kong City Tour Bus comfortably to the outskirts.

I would like to recommend it to anyone who wants to see the whole city at once.