“Morning Musume. ’22 Concert Tour ~ Singin ‘to the Beat ~ @ Zama

Daughter. Tour (outside Budokan)

It’s unusual to see it

That’s the first day of the tour

There were some highlights.

One is a (Rio Sakurai)

Tour full -scale participation.

The other was to refrain from graduation

Kaede (Kaede Kaga)

Her last tour.

I think every time

Leiri called the name

Not cute.

I wonder if there is anything else.

The name of Kaede is

I think it’s so cute (laughs)

So the impression of the first day

It is easy to summarize.

* There is a setlinet barre below.

01. That’s it! We’re Alive (Updated)

02. Love Revolution 21 (Updated)


03. Face with Mukidashi

04. Because it’s a free country

05. Love Destiny

06. medley

~ Seriously ska!

~ Pyoco Pomo Ultra

~ Help me !!

~ Youth kid is crying

~ Brand New Morning

~ Kokoro & karada

MC (Kitagawa Slot)

07. I’m there / Ikuta, Oda, Haga, Yamazaki

08. Don’t forget / Oda, Yokoyama

09. Take off is now! / Ishida, Kaga, Okamura

Ten. Love and love 1 minute / Kenhisa Village, Ikuta, Nonaka, Yamazaki, Sakurai

11. Large eyes / Makino, Haga, Kitagawa

12. Life Never BeeN Better!


14. Narcis Kamatari -chan Concerto No. 5

15. Youth Say A-HA

16. Dokka -N Caprico

17. like this!

18. Joke of love with selfishness


19. walking

● Summary of the whole

There are many bright songs

I think it was good.

Started with “Wiara”,

Lauri is at the center

Because there are many people

With a gorgeousness like a halocon.

Continued “Koi Levo”

“THE Morning Musume. ]

Such a gorgeous appearance

Even in the last 10 years

Isn’t it not much?

The current daughter. What is needed

If it’s bright and happy

I think

Right answer in this direction.


“Is it really ska!”

“Pyoco Pyoco Ultra”

If you do it outside the medley

It was more exciting.

Personally, it’s a medley

I don’t like it,

For the time being, it’s packed.


For this medley

The debut songs of each member were lined up

That means.

“Dokka -N Caprico”

I heard it after a long time.

Every time on the tour

“Is this again?” “This is all”

I’ve been ridiculed,

After a long time,

After all it will be excited.

It is a passing score in terms of settlement and composition.

● Rairi’s first full participation

It was good from the first “Wiara”.

I could sing properly

“Wow, Wou” of “Koi Levo”

Intense swing

I was doing it at the center.

After all, rather

He seems to be confident in dancing.

I can see tension from the middle

Especially “Narcis”

Chi -chan line

Where you inherited “Staring more”

It was rattling.

Newcomer that line

The child who says it is a good feeling

Well, right?

In the last MC to Fuku -chan (Seiju Mura)

Even when you are praised for your efforts

Even if you cry if you’re an ordinary child

It’s not surprising,

Leuri has a modest expression of emotional expression.

I’m definitely happy.

She expresses emotional expression with technology

I think it is a type that polishes.

You can grab this tour

I guess there are many.

● Super Akane Chin Time

From here

Akane Chin (Akane Haga)

This tour,

Nichin Otota with great satisfaction

It is.

It is a concert that makes you happy.

First, make her bangs patson

Her daughter. She was in the “child Chin” at the time of joining

Her looks are back.

And simply that there are many turns.


“Can you compete with the makeup of the makeup?”

Started with

The biggest showcase is

With Maria (Mari Makino) and Onchan (Rio Kitagawa)

“Large eyes” assembled.

Rei Tanaka

What I did.

This is already tension MAX.

Akanchin who moves happily

I want everyone to feel it.

She has a three -color hair ornament in the 6th term.

I’m packed with my thoughts,

The last Kime Pose 바카라 is also

That’s an Akanchin pose.

She joined Halo Pro

She has entered the 10th year Akanchin.

The good thing about Akanchin is now.


Hometan (Okamura Homare)

Ayumin (Ayumi Ishida), Kaede

“Take -off is now!”


It has already been completely certified as a dance men,

Even when doing such intense songs

You can sing a sharp and short singing voice

New Hometan

“Cool” style

Gradually established

She looks like she is in.

● 13th term relationship

I forgot what song, but

The 13th term (Kaedy, Yokoyan (Reina Yokoyama))

When she came to the center

There was a subtle distance between the two

Yumin is Yukoyan’s shoulder behind

Pull tightly,

She saw the scene where the distance between them was shortened,

She cried a little.

Normally, Kaeda and Yokoyamega

There was a scene where I played, but

on second thoughts,

I can’t say it in words

Because I have a feeling

It’s not the same distance as before.

That scene is

The voice in the hearts of the three

I felt like I heard it.

On the way back, Yantan listener is familiar

With Kota Tana

I ate ramen and went home together.

Usually, fans become idols

I’m in the position of “Congratulations on the new song!”

From Churu (Miki Nonaka)

“It’s a new song!”

What is said

Only Tanako!

Recently, Fuku -chan’s “Extra”

I listen to it again.

If you can play this song someday

It’s cool.

If you have time, …

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