“MH Sunbreak Puppet -style Normal bullet, shots Light Light Dreaded Karaza Equipment”

There are also issues related to puppet creation and amulet -related issues, so please refer to the composition.

First of all, karaza equipment for normal bullet

It has changed a little from the previous equipment

100 % critical rate including the soul of steel dragon

I was able to raise both criticality and physical and firepower because I flourished consecutive blow, work armor, and attack 4.

Since the continuous strike 1 was only activated due to the training, it is only for real 1.

The blur suppression 3 is activated with a continuous strike 1S1 by the arm training of the arm, but it is actually for solo.

You can scare S1 here and reduce it, or you can use it as your favorite skills.

Try shooting to a full full opponent

It has 335 damage to the head. It is quite severe opponent, but in the part where the meat quality is 80

If this is the only one, it will be a passing score.

Next is for shots

The amulet is exquisite, but this area can be replaced by training.

This is 크레이지슬롯 a 100 % critical rate without the soul of the steel dragon.

Empty ornaments can be enhanced or specially attacked.

The tune -up is served because there is nothing to serve.

Attack 4 is stronger, so if you can replace it, it may be fine.

It is stronger than heavy considering the firepower and mobility because it can pass 50 damage to the tamamutsune opponent.

After all, it is not fashionable to raise the fan movement.

I was thinking of making an article, but there are many unknown parts and there are a lot of information.

I will not write Lisemara’s article.

Well, should I enhance the slot or introduce S2 skills in this area?

I have to think about it in various ways, so it seems that about 3 parts will be made even in the same part.

With Kaiser X, S111 can be S111 to S421 etc., but then one of the critical skills will die.

It is difficult to see if S211 is + S1 skill or pursuit of S2 limit skills.

If you find a compromise and find a weak point or something useful in that part, it is better to keep it without seeking the top.

At the moment, the S4 ornaments are not strong, so I can’t help but pursue them.

The environment may change again with additional monsters … compromise is important.

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