“Kawasaki Sparking Summer Cup ◯”

August local horse racing

Horse Ren x 3 = 21 races 13 wins (@7,940)

61.9% in racing

Collection rate 128.0%



Sparking Summer Cup

Dart 1,600m

Start from the pocket at the back of the 4th corner and go around the counterclockwise small turn. The distance to the first corner is about 500m long, and the outer frame disadvantage is reduced compared to 1500m. The corner is very narrow and the last straight line is 300m. In the course where stamina is required, the smoothness of getting around is also important.


◎ 09 Smile Weie 2nd place

◯ 07 Field sense 1

▲ 12 Wide Pharaoh

△ 02 Fal convenience

“Close the summer in Senroku Kawasaki. Mylar festival”

This race was newly established in 2004 this year. It has been completely established as a mileage prize representing the Kawasaki event in summer. This year, Iwate welcomed vaces (Motokawazaki), and there were no doubtful members.

It is not an exaggeration to say that all racing horses have a chance, but from the course suitability and the recent status of the recent situation, Fal convenience is nominated for ◎.

After moving to Minamiseki from Hokkaido, he was on the 3 -year 코인카지노 -old classic route. In the classic, I was unfortunately noticeable, but after that, I piled up the stars from the conditional games, mainly Oi and Kawasaki, and won the first heavy prize at Kawasaki Myrers in May. You can see the high ability because the second Gold Weuer controls the Mile Grand Prix in Oi in July. In the past, I was defeated after the runaway race, but it was still a high qualities that never collapsed. The running has been quite stable in response to horse racing to be refrained from this year. Finally, we entered the area of ​​completion, and the fat was just riding. Originally a type of device, it can cope with any conditions, but Kawasaki Senroku is the stage where you can demonstrate the most power. This time, it seems that horse racing can be escaped because the frame has been drawn, but there are also powerful preceding horses, so it should be transported from 2nd to 3rd. Immediately after the runaway horse, he saw that it was possible to reproduce Kawasaki Myraz, who had escaped in a straight line.

The first opponent is the Keisei Cup Grand Myraz in Funabashi, and smiles the first prize -winning victory over the Casino Fonten, the general of Funabashi. There are many points that are similar to the Fal convenience mentioned above due to age and record, and it is likely to be a good enemy. In the past, there was a feeling that the magnificent horse was too much, but since last summer, the fruit seemed to be further clogged, including the heavy prize and earned five wins. Among them, there are some races that have a Fal convenience. In the previous race, after a break, the weight difference difference with the winning horse was lost. It is a second -ranking evaluation due to the difference in course suitability, but if you are back in the second race, you will not be surprised even if there is a crowned scene.

After about eight months rest, he returned last year’s Tokyo Derby Horse, Alam Baros.

At the age of two, he won the 2 -year -old Yushun (exchange G1) in Japan with an undefeated five consecutive victories. After that, the distance anxiety is whispered, but it can be said to be a very fast speed that escaped from Tokyo Derby at an outstanding speed. After that, it proved that the 3rd place of the JRA can be crossed with the JRA’s three -line class with the short distance of the tele ball cup. Kanazawa JBC suffered a big defeat, but his first long -distance transportation was endured. The next run of the gold cup was also a big defeat, and it is also considered that the effect of the Kanazawa expedition had lost its tone. In the training exam on August 3, the horses increase and the growth of growth is more than before. He naturally decides that he is in time for the actual battleweight, and has a system that can move even after the holidays. He wants to pay attention to his resurrection smoke for the fall.

Avantist, who could not get the result in the previous run of his transfer game, arranges the shrine book jockey and rewinds. A place where the power is comparable from the achievements in the JRA opening. The winning star is up to 1,0004, but there should be no distance barrier because it has a good run in 1,0007.

The field sense, which was a real transfer battle with the cancellation, was a separated third place, but it proved that it could be supported to Minami Seki Dart. It is a good material that the weight is lighter than the previous race, and it is a plus that the distance is extended even in 1 halon.

Wide Pharaoh, who has been won for 20 years commemorative won, is of course needed. It is itchy that the winning star is not mentioned after two battles after moving in, but it should be easier to race in Kawasaki than the Urawa course. This time it is likely to be a battle that asks the true value.

And the vacitation of the 3rd Mercury Cup in the previous run. The difference is one second, but it is fine that JRA and Minami Seki’s powerful players are also participating in the war. Originally belonging to Kawasaki, there is no worry about the course, and Kawasaki Miles is a good stage of Gen who has won Yushun, a 2 -year -old Japan in 2019. It is important to pay attention to whether it will be a triumphal return to the old nest after a long absence.

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