From the ambiguous boundary between fun and addiction _EP.2

#02. There was a casino at the Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands_

At the beginning of the overseas performance, we frequently used KLM (KLM Royal Dutch Airlines).

At that time, there were many benefits for group reservations. If more than 15 groups booked, FOC (Free of Charge/Free Ticket) was provided, and CG50 (50%discount on leaders) was provided for more than 10 people.

The direct flight is the most comfortable, but it was also attractive to pass.

If you can afford Transit Transit, you can go on a city tour of the road, or visit the airport and buy souvenirs in the city. Using KLM, the destination will be transcended at Schipol Airport, Schipol Airport, Schipol Airport, Amsteldam.

The first time I went to downtown Amsteldam, but gradually I stayed at the airport.

One spring, I was roaming the airport without thinking about a snowball with the name of the city at the Skipol Airport.

When I tried to enter the casino with a mysterious mind, the person standing at the entrance asked me to show my passport.

Inside, there were four or five tables with a dealer, and the remaining space was occupied by slot machine.

It wasn’t a large -scale casino like Las Vegas and Macau, but the luxurious bar and the interior looked comfortable like a pleasant airport lounge.

There were not many people, and I could have a relaxing time, including champagne, wine, and whiskey, and I enjoyed it as if I found a hangout.

There were only 10 people playing games.

My eyes, which turned around, met the dealer at the poker table without a player. I smiled awkwardly and moved my eyes. The main of the many gamble films, including Doseong, Dosin, Dosin Series, and 007 series, was poker game. Lace RACE and bluff bluffing… I didn’t want to sit with a professional and serious game with an expert (?) In the casino. It was too burdensome.

I walked and sat at a simple blackjack table with a relatively simple rule.

The first blonde dealer, who was first encountered, was kindly speaking with the eyes of ‘Casino is the first time?’

“Do you know how to play? Do you know how to play? ”

I first learned card play at the Piano Academy I was in elementary school.

The husband of the director who is preparing for the judicial examination sometimes went to the academy to collect the children and taught the card play. I learned most of the play that I can play with cards such as poker, hula, caught, one card, and blackjack, and I don’t forget what I learned when I was young.

Those who bet on winning numbers receive dividends according to the number and method of betting chips.

36 times if you match exactly one number, 18 times if you bet on two numbers, and 9 times when you bet on 4 numbers. In addition, you can bet with a 50%chance of red or black, even or odd, large or small number, or bet on a one -third chance of horizontal or vertical numbers.

In this simple game, the players seemed to add their own rules, Jinx, and special abilities.

In my case, first of all, I was comfortable if I had a place to put a chip on all numbers without damage to the people around me. Later, he looked at the last numbers on the board and looked at the numbers around them and identified the dealer’s specific pattern.

When the game began, while others betting, the chip was slowly placed, and then betting on the number that was set from the moment the dealer left.

The rules I created are nonsense non-sense.

Whatever the game I make my own logic. This logic is just to deceive me. The same was true for roulette. It wasn’t fun to put a chip on any number and wait for the number to hit. As I wrote down the number on 더존카지노 the lotto paper, I gave it a number one number, and as I only knew something that others didn’t know when playing games, I gave it a meaning made by my own illusion in a simple game.

The luck of the beginner allowed me to have an hour’s fun and a good amount of my favorite nostalgia.

by Angela

02. There was a casino at the Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands.

#02. There was a casino at the Dutch Schiphol Airport_

#02. There was a casino at the Dutch Schiphol Airport_

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