“Exciting local ABBA tribute band”

Looks, sounds, and above all, they enjoy life.

Four members of the up -and -coming ABBA tribute band have rapidly spread their names since their debut in Canada on the Roberta Bondal Pavilion.

This band, called “ABBA SOO”, was formed to reproduce the music style of the popular Super Group in Sweden, along with vocalist Janet Brown, Kelly Beacock, keyboard mark Alemung, and guitar David Rpass. It is.

This tribute band was formed nearly three years ago, literally combining two and two.

Beacock and Aleman have been playing together for more than 30 years in the “Touch of Class”, and Brown and Repus are from the local party rock cover band “Encore”.

It was in the summer of 2019 that Allemong first thought about the ABBA tribute idea, but it wasn’t that he was not lost.

“I used to think about doing ABBA songs before, but too much was involved,” he said. “I heard their songs and started playing the keyboards, and they talked about the possibility of forming ABBA tribute bands.”

“I emailed him,” You have drawn my attention, “” says Beacock.

ALLEMANG’s friend contacted Brown if he was interested as one of the band vocalists. He decided to contact the Angkor’s band, Repass, and to participate as a group guitarist.

After the group was formed, the members began to express their inner ABBA.

“Some songs were listened to for the first time,” says Allemang. “I am particular about harmony, so I asked them about the harmony and thought about who would sing and what they would sing.

“In the case of ABBA, there are really various harmony,” says Beacock. “We have only four people. There are only four people, so we don’t know which part to choose, but some parts are missing. But it’s a fulfilling thing. It’s a fun challenge.” 。

Aleman said that the harmony and keyboard were interested in ABBA music in the first place.

For a few months in 2020, the new Corona broke down their momentum, when they were ready to start practicing. Despite being away for a few months, he never stopped finding a creative way to secure the practice time.

“We performed a lot of remote control during the new Corona,” said AlleMang. “When I create a track and keyboard part and send it to the group, they play the truck with headphones, sing on the mobile phone, send back the recorded vocals. Dave is the same for the guitar. I’ll do it. I’ll put it together. “

The four begin to gather in the fall of 2021 and practice face -to -face every week.

“The band practice is really fun,” says Lpass. “I can do a lot of things.”

After studying 23 songs and building a lighting system with Bluetooth interface, ABBA SOO made his debut on Canada on Pavilion.

This tribute band, who played hit songs such as “Koi no Waterlou”, “Dancing Queen”, and “Mamma Mia”, danced and sang together, both young and old, all young and old.

“The audience is moving from the second measure of the first song,” said a repass. “It’s almost impressive,” Ledpass says.

At the end of the first live as a group, ABBA SOO received a standing ovation and hundreds of spectators to play encore songs.

The band members were stunned.

“We were overwhelmed,” says Brown. “What came back from the audience, that is, the standing ovation was really hard to believe.”

“I’ve been playing together for a long time, but this is the first time,” says Alley. “Even if you look at ABBA tribute on YouTube, we don’t enjoy it as much as we are.”

They have been welcomed in recent live performances, such as the summer concert series and the two consecutive sold out performances at last weekend’s water tauta pub.

The band members evaluate their good teamwork and pure affection for each other as an early success.

“The three are incredibly contributed so incredibly,” says Beacock.

“Our family is very cooperative in everything we do. We are very lucky and wonderful hobbies.”

“Music can be a gift in 크레이지슬롯 life, regardless of whether you can sing.”

“Music will take you to various places in your life. If you are with these three people, I feel like I’m always creating a new moment of life.”

ABBA SOO hopes to play in a casino on New Year’s Eve, and in the future it has been talked about participating in the summer festival in northern Ontario and expanding the network.

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