Akihabara Business Light and Shadow: What is the “winner” business in the with corona period? (Takashi Kiso) -Persion


Today, I would like to invite guests and send them in a dialogue style to see the current situation of Akihabara in the Corona evil. I am President Yabuuchi of Hunter Site Co., Ltd., which has multiple concept cafes / amusement casino stores, mainly in Akihabara. First of all, please introduce yourself.


Hello, this is Yabuuchi, the representative of Hunter Site Co., Ltd. It runs eight concept cafes, mainly in Queen’s Court, and operates 10 amusement casino stores, mainly at “Maid Casino Akibagild”. Poker tournaments hold Manila Open in Japan Open and WPT JAPAN, Okada Manila in the Philippines, and Korean Paradise City are held in Korea.

[Current status of acupuncture and amusement casino business in Akihabara]

Kiso: I would like to see the influence of the corona in Akihabara immediately. Due to the emergency declaration issued from the beginning of this year, leisure -related industries such as pachinko and various live events have been hit by large hits, but how is Akihabara, including concept cafes?


The concept cafe, which is a food and beverage business, was greatly influenced by the corona evil, but it seems that it is still surviving compared to many other business formats in Akihabara, which handle trading cards and doujinshi.

If the business of Corona evil is expressed in numbers, is it possible that the sales are about 15 % down from the same month of the previous year? As a result of the depression of sales due to the distribution business, management efficiency, and administrative assistance in terms of administrative assistance, it is possible to continue operating with a feeling that the income and expenditures are ultimately positive.


My office is also close to Akihabara, so I look at the market conditions in this city on a daily basis, but the current situation is that Corona is clearly decreasing, and the management situation is not worse than other business types. Where is the reason?


I believe that the concept cafe was less affected compared to other industries because the business style was not very standardized, and it was a format that could not be standardized. The concept cafe is a powerful “personality” and “content” for girls working in stores. Customers who come to the store come to the store for the purpose of “individuality” or “content”. Unlike the general cafe business format, which is “the same no matter who you do” and “the same no matter where you go,” there is a reason why you have to go to the “that” concept cafe, not the other store. 。 As a result, we can maintain our customers, mainly existing customers.


Narhod. This is a large chain izakaya business format due to the corona’s evil, but it is the same as a snack in front of the station where there is a specialty mom, and it is the same as surprisingly, customers are not stopped. The hunter site is famous as a company that started the so -called “maid casino” as the first company in Japan. How is the impact on that business?


Surprisingly, the amusement casinos are doing more business than before Corona. Does the sales increase about 15 % to 30 % compared to the same month of the previous year?


Well, is it really? It’s a bit surprising as the leisure industry in the world is collapsing. Why is that so?


There are some reasons why amusement casinos are doing well among the corona evil, but when I rush, I think it’s the content power I mentioned earlier. At the maid casino, there is the same composition that the concepting of the concafé is not so bad in that the dealer girl who works at the store becomes a powerful content and has great ability to attract customers, but in addition to that, in addition to that. There is a strength as a content in itself.

In particular, the poker boom in recent years has been positive. It is very large that famous celebrities such as GACKT have begun playing poker, and influential people, such as Yokosawa in the world who are active in YouTube, continue to pick up pokers on various media, including social media. hey. As a result of various other people picking up pokers, I think that those who have never played poker before have started to start a game. From the summer of 2019, before the Corona evil began, the impact of amusement casinos on the number of new customers has emerged. The current situation is that the expansion of such new layers continues in Corona evil.

Furthermore, I think that the factors have flowed into amusement casinos due to the collona of the corona. The exclusive expenses that had been directed to eating and drinking, karaoke and travel before the corona of the corona have been flowing into the amusement casinos, one of the business formats that were not subject to business self -restraint even under an emergency declaration. Players who have been playing at foreign casinos so far have naturally limited overseas travel, so they are flowing into the amusement casinos. I think it has such a complex impact.

[Amusement casino business model]


I myself are a former foreign casino company researcher, but on the other hand, there are places where I do not understand the business model, especially about the amusement casinos in Japan. I’m frankly asked, is casinos make money in the amusement business that doesn’t let money bet?


As you mentioned, major casino games such as Blackjack and Baccarat are games that will get tired of playing to some extent unless you play with cash. There are few players who have been playing black jack and baccarat in the amusement casino for many years (laughs)

But the poker is different. Poker is a community game where players play with each other, so there is also a thrilling bargaining between close friends, and not betting on money. In addition, poker is a skill game with technical intervention elements, so I have fun to improve my skills and grow. In that sense, it’s a game that doesn’t get tired compared to other casino games.

When I opened the store, the poker was about 20 % of amusement casino users. However, the current ratio of amusement casinos is roughly 80 % of the poker and the remaining 20 % are customers who enjoy black jacks and roulette.

Poker also has the advantage of being able to shift from a friend’s play as a leisure to a more competitive tournament game. Amusement casino stores also offer tournament games in addition to games where players play in flat places, as well as gathering participants and competing for winners.


Narhod. In the world of mahjong, there are routes where players shift from no -rat mahjong to compete mahjong, which do not bet money, but there is just the same composition in the poker industry. It’s interesting.


At the store operated by the hunter site, you can play slowly in poker rings, SIT & GO, which determines winners in one table, multi -table tournaments that compete for winners in multiple tables, and large -scale tournaments held regularly at multiple stores There is Japan’s largest event like the Japan Open, where you can play against powerful players throughout Japan.

More specifically, if you achieve excellent results at the Japan Open, you will be able to participate in a tournament tournament held overseas from there, and now you can win a great prize while competing with the world’s top players. I think that the fact that we were able to create a “conductor” as such a large competition, mainly in poker, is a factor that has been successful in the amusement business that does not bet money.

[Measures against infectious diseases in the amusement business]


On the other hand, I think this is something you need to ask, but how do you take measures against infectious diseases in the store’s business? Are you doing something like a special measure?


There is a campaign called “#eradication girl” as a countermeasure against the concafe and the maid casino industry, which we call on various shops. In this initiative, we are using Twitter while 크레이지슬롯 doing a project like “Introducing the sterilized girls in your shop. While introducing the signboard girls of a shop that disinfects the customers who come to the store, we are trying to appeal to the measures against infectious diseases at concafe and maid casinos, but now we are participating from Okinawa. There is also a shop that can be done. I want to respond to the concept cafes and maid casinos to Tokyo and the government’s initiatives.


Is it a “#sterilization girl”? Certainly, if the girls who serve customers at the store call with a sterilized spray, the customers will be happy to give their hands. It is an approach unique to Concafe to become entertainment even in the case of infectious diseases that are often spoken in the world. Akihabara is a deep measure of maids who think of your husband.


This initiative can be said to be an infectious disease countermeasure that makes use of the strengths of the concafé, but it is a project that has already existed before Corona. Nowadays, this activity has been taken up as a bright topic, but is it originally an initiative that started with a little more negative?

In the first place, Concafe is closer to the staff and customers than ordinary restaurants, and the girls who work are worried about the sanitary condition of the customer. Therefore, it was the beginning that we had been asking for bacteria and deodorizing while entertaining it so that the customer did not harm. Such activities have led to a project called “#eradication girl” in the case of the corona, and spread to the industry as a measures against concafe -specific infectious diseases.

The maid casino side uses chips and cards in the game, but those equipment is always touching the equipment. For this reason, the disinfecting maid goes around the table and is frequently removing her husband. Other infectious diseases are a very primitive method, but it is a ventilation with a fully open door. In the hot summer, the girls worked sweaty, and in the winter, the customers complained, “It’s cold!” (smile)

[Amusement casino store after Corona’s evil]


This time, the government will decide to cancel the emergency declaration in the Tokyo metropolitan area, and the period of the aftercona, where the corona has died. At present, the amusement casino is particularly strong, but how will it develop after the opening of an emergency declaration and someday after that?


Amusement casinos are one of the few strong leisure business format in the corona, and in fact, it is now a new rush. Especially in recent years, the entry of major businesses is the entry.

We are not only directly managed by amusement casinos but also operating outsourcing businesses from other companies, but for example, new businesses from major business operators developing complex cafes, billiards, and darts, for example, cartoon cafes. I have received inquiries about expanding the net cafe. In addition to such forms, we plan to open about 6 new stores this year even if we are involved alone, and other stores that are not related to our company, this year alone, nearly 30 newly opened businesses nationwide. It should be.

In this way, a new amusement casino spreads to the local area of ​​customers who have never played nearby, and the player’s base will expand in the future. The connection of the grassroots -level players that occurred in such a large tournament to determine the best competition poker in Japan, and the entire industry spreads overseas to both the vertical and horizontal axes. That is the outlook for the amusement casino industry in the future, and I think there is room for the industry to develop.

Reproduction of famous cars! Classic Car dealers

“Porsche 914” BS11 8/20 broadcast


The same Porsche is completely different from 911. Certainly it is not very cool. Just a complete midship, drive feeling is the best.

Ed says only VW and Porsche, but Honda also commercially available air -cooled engines (manufactured from 1969 to 1972).

HONDA1300: It was a car by English teacher Mizuno in junior high school. However, the engine sound was noisy.

I bought the seller’s Chris, so I didn’t have any good memories, so I fell in love with the misunderstanding.


Forgoted car. It is an affordable sports car, but it is not as popular as “911”. However, it has recently been reviewed due to a symmetrical style, midship configuration, etc.

Restored is expensive and search for something that can be obtained in about 5,000 pounds in front of the restore. It was difficult, but there is information from an acquaintance.

A microphone that goes out immediately. Chris who runs agriculture.

The seat was placed on one corner of the barn.

I bought it 11 years ago, but I just got on it for about six months. He hasn’t been riding since he had overheated. The seat is torn, and the dashboard has a rat. Chris says, “I should clean it.”

The battery is new, so when you turn the key, “it took!”

Take a test drive and run around the barn. Each speed enters, but it can’t be said that the engine is good. He returned and negotiated for £ 4,000 and was understood.

Chris wants to show you after the restore.

Transported by trailer because there is anxiety about long -distance driving.

Ed looking at the car. If you have stopped for 10 years, you need to replace many parts, including rubber, etc. …

An obviously problematic engine sound. Fuel or electrical system.

First, remove the engine from below. The ease of this area is wonderful.

The attractiveness of the air -cooled engine is low center of gravity and compact.

Only Volkswagen and Porsche were able to commercialize this.

A horizontally opposed boxer engine. This type is a boxer because it moves horizontally and looks like a boxer punch (and pose)

The fins of the oil cooler are crushed and impaired heat dissipation.

At the start of this engine, the flap closes inside and warms the engine 텍사스포커 quickly, but if there is a problem with this mechanism, it will be an overheating factor.

Control bellows do not work.

This unit is a fuel injection type. The injector was not fit with chitin, and was running with a thin mixture. Replace all those parts.

A microphone going to a wheel polished factory. Barry, a craftsman.

First, the buff removes the general dirt.

Polishing is the decisive factor in the compound. The details are hand grinder.

Finished in France Tark.

A microphone who is surprised at the mistakes. “I don’t ask for three more”

Remove all the covers covering the engine (cooling route)

Painting the rust with a wire brush and painting (new ones are not available)

The Temperature Metropolitan Bellows works. Since there is no new one, the parts are taken from the used VW and incorporated it.

OK with heating check with a burner.

Replace the oil cooler with a new one.

Distributor cap and high tension code exchange.

The injector chews the rubber to prevent leakage.

Return the engine to the body and start → good sound ♪

Repair of Targatop. The surface is Pℓ coating.

Remove dirt on the surface and paint primer.

After that, rust deterioration and spray in black.

Replacement of pillar vinyl leather. Repair the paint peeling after peeling.

For replacement, get the genuine Porsche product.

Apply the contact adhesive on both sides and bond, attach a mall to complete.

Steam cleaning the body.

The condition is good but polished to remove dullness. Work while applying water so that it does not overheat.

Started with the interior. Remove the seat and carpet and clean with a vacuum cleaner with cleaning function. The seat cover is made by custom -made and replaced.

The carpet is also washed and pasted.

Cost list yen conversion (¥ 160/£)

CAR 4,000 640,000

Engine Parts 488 78,080

Wheel Polish 240 38,400

B-Pillar Vinyl 42 6,720

Paint & Mopping Compound 150 24,000

Interior 390 62,400

TOTAL £ 5,310 \ 849,600

The test run is the Silverston Circuit. Going well ♪

The bullish microphone is “Let’s go with 8,250!”

I came to see Chris, the former owner who sold this car.

If it is 7,750 … to him, “It’s 8,250”

“… I’ll buy it.”

It is the first program that the person who sold the car will buy it again!

Today’s song

Dionne Warwick I Say A Little Prayer 1967

Japanese Title: Small Wish Bart Baccarak Sound